For us, an office is a place where people realise their business processes. Using our unique KNOW-HOW, we would like to inspire our partners and educate them on how to arrange healthy, effective and employee-friendly workspaces.

The Office Inspiration Centre is an indication of our continuous development. It is not only an exhibition of the latest furniture solutions in attractive arrangements, but also a place where we would like to hold inspiring discussions and share our knowledge and experience with others.

Why is it worth visiting the Office Inspiration Centre?
• You will see how global social trends influence trends in designing contemporary offices
• You will discover innovative technologies used in the building and its interiors
• You will find out how an office space can influence people's senses
• You will see inspiring and diverse spaces arranged with Nowy Styl Group's products
• You will become familiarised with all details and functionalities of our products

 Visit us and discover our space for inspiration.

Space for inspiration

The Office Inspiration Centre is a place that combines inspiration with education in the field of arranging effective and functional office spaces for modern organisations. In the area covering 1,500 m2 we have paid attention to detail to ensure the Centre represents the best workspace model.

The Office Inspiration Centre was created according to the proven principles of an open plan based on a rational and repetitive module, which sets forth simple rules for the free arrangement of the interior with very good access to daylight. In the central part of this building there are stairs made of veneered wenge wood. They look like huge furniture.

The simple and regular form, unique features of the prefabricated white concrete column and veneered wenge wood underline the Nowy Styl Group’s image of a strong and stable company.

Marek Dunikowski, Jarosław Kutniowski 
Architects, DDJM

The inspiration behind the Office Inspiration Centre was a garden. The old-growth forest we managed to preserve in the architectural project was also moved into the interiors. We let the garden inside; we chose the colour green for walls to create a naturally beautiful atmosphere in the interiors. We also selected eco-friendly fabrics and finishes made of recycled materials.

We hope that the Office Inspiration Centre will be an excellent project that will inspire people, unleash their creativity and help them make their everyday work efficient.

Joanna Zapała, Sebastian Wiśniewski
Interior architects, Nowy Styl Group

The Office Inspiration Centre is divided into three storeys: meeting area, workshop area and office area.

Meeting area

Level 0 is a welcome zone. The whole floor has been arranged with meeting zones, including places for holding informal meetings over a cup of coffee and rooms for holding more formal meetings. Each of the sectioned off meeting zones has its own unique character, which we have created through furniture arrangement and use of accessories. The biggest meeting zone, which has a capacity of 120 people, is an ideal place to hold an effective business meeting.

Office area

Level +1 is an office space inspired by the Activity Based Working concept. Using our experience, we have arranged a model office that includes all the important elements and solutions for modern workspaces. Our main aim was to design a diverse and easily adaptable space that would support employees in their everyday work. We have divided the office area into zones for performing different tasks – communication, concentration and administration zones.

Workshop area

Level -1 is called a workshop area – a place designed for training courses. In the area covering 500 m2 we have presented a wide range of products, including chairs, desks with height adjustment and a stand with our virtual reality application #OfficeVR. In this area our visitors have the chance to expand their knowledge of ergonomic workstations and discover the best office solutions available on the market.


The Office Inspiration Centre is located near the main access road to Cracow. It takes only ten to twenty minutes to get there from the main railway station or Balice Airport.

Office Inspiration Centre

ul. Radzikowskiego 182
31-357 Kraków
T.: +48 639 86 05

Cracow-Balice Airport

10 km (about 10 min)

Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport

98 km (about 1h 15 min)

Cracow Main Railway Station

7 km (about 15 min)

A4 motorway toll gates (Cracow-Balice)

8 km (about 8 min)


OIC assistant:

Joanna Wiśniewska

T: +48 12 639 86 05
M: +48 510 005 519


Office Inspiration Centre

ul. Radzikowskiego 182
31-357 Kraków